JULY 2017 MEGA News Round-Up

This month: Let food be thy medicine | Hunter-Gatherer diets | Grow your own microbiome | Bitter foods for brain health | Long term weight loss | Sleep | Grass-fed meat and dairy | Fish on the menu | Ketogenic diet | Rewilding the lynx

It’s been a busy month for nutrition news and I found so much to write about I’ve actually hived off a chunk for a separate post later about the rise of veganism. In the meantime, lets start with the quote of the month…

It’s worrying just how little student doctors are taught about nutrition and health. My own experience has been that even gastroenterologists — specialists in intestinal disorders — have little or no interest in what their patients are eating.



‘Let food be thy medicine’

The quote above came from The Daily Mail (Jul 10th) in an article titled can food be better than drugs? which tells the stories of five people who beat their medical condition with diet (MS, IBS, raised cholesterol, epilepsy and diabetes). Continue reading

Pork – tradition and nutrition

  • Afifah on Radio 4’s Any Questions
  • Nutrients in pork
  • Latest research into eating pork shows positive health potential
  • Red meat and bacon may not be linked to colon cancer after all
  • Pig domestication and history of pig rearing
  • Where to find the best pork in West Sussex

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