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June 2018 News Round-Up (2/Jul/18) - Hot baths more effective than exercise for glucose control and circulation. Musical preferences of baby in the womb. Plus Paleo, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free and herbal news.
Rustic Cold Smoked Salami – review ★★★★☆ (19/Jun/18) - I thought I knew what salami was. I thought I'd eaten real salami. Oh how wrong I was!
Do you still trust your doctor? Read on… (7/Jun/18) - People assume their physicians keep abreast of the latest research. But how many papers do they read each month? How many journals do they subscribe to? The truth is shocking...
Gluten-Free Diet effective in Tourettes (2/Jun/18) - In this landmark study researchers demonstrate that this major neurological disorder, affecting up to 1% of UK school children, may be largely a manifestation of Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity.
May 2018 News Round-Up (1/Jun/18) - We have is a ton of interesting stuff this month - Paleo and Low Carb research - Eggs are heart healthy - High protein diet controversy - Ostrich eggs for breakfast? - Herbal news - Bison are back
Knepp book launch party plus campsite photo review (26/May/18) - On Thursday evening, at the end of an afternoon of rain, we wove our way across West Sussex to the Knepp Estate, at the invitation
Curing patients is bad for business – Big Pharma admits (5/May/18) - Goldman Sachs reveals that curing patients is a bad business model. The appalling depths of profit-driven medicine threaten all of us.
April 2018 News Round-Up (30/Apr/18) - Veggie 'sausage' ban; British peasant diet was healthy; Hard cheese Brexit; More good news for chocolate and coffee lovers; Warnings over green potatoes and dirty ducks...
Aseem Malhotra and friends at the EU, making some heads explode! (15/Apr/18) - NHS cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra, gives a strongly worded, presentation at the EU about the combination of the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry causing illness and death, for profit. It's well worth hearing and will definitely surprise you!
The Case for Sustainable Meat (13/Apr/18) - Meat, we are told, is bad for the planet. But is it that simple? Keir argues that the anti-meat rhetoric risks destroying the very environment is claims to be protecting.
Is the NHS a zombie no one is brave enough to kill? (8/Apr/18) - The NHS stumbles on - chaotic and on the edge of financial ruin, carnage in its wake... What is this B movie monster we have created?... It's clearly in need of a silver bullet...
March 2018 News Round Up (31/Mar/18) - EASTER SPECIAL: Play our Easter egg hunt whilst browsing all the latest nutrition news on Paleo, coffee, microbiome, sleep, seafoods, nuts and vitamin D.
UK Vegetarians Don’t Live Longer – VIDEO (27/Mar/18) - A video of one of our most popular posts, in which Oxford University researchers find that UK vegetarians and vegans have the same all-cause mortality as meat eaters.
Eggs – Not just for Easter (24/Mar/18) - Brits are eating more eggs following a half century of unfounded fears. Here's the lowdown on these nutritional super-foods and why you should eat them all year round.
They want to destroy Tim Noakes – don’t let ’em (11/Mar/18) - Tim Noakes is facing a second professional misconduct hearing for holding the wrong views about diet. Petition plus explanatory post from Dr Malcolm Kendrick.
Folic acid in pregnancy increases allergies (10/Mar/18) - New study finds that unmetabolised artificial folic acid in pregnancy is linked to allergy in offspring whilst levels of natural folate are not.
Event: Gary Taubes in London 17 & 18 March 2018 (9/Mar/18) - I'm going to this major UK conference headed by 'Good Calories Bad Calories' author Gary Taubes, PLUS Malcolm Kendrick, Zoë Harcombe, Andreas Eenfeldt...
February 2018 News Round-Up (1/Mar/18) - All the latest on: Paleo, Keto, Fish, Eggs and (of course) why there's no such thing as naturally orange cheese.
Listen again – Tim Noakes LCHF running on BBC Food Programme (26/Feb/18) - In case you missed it, Tim Noakes, the controversial South African professor who promotes a low carb high fat diet for running, was the subject
We’ve redecorated! (26/Feb/18) - So, we took out our hexadecimal paint pots, rolled up our sleeves and after a day of messing about under the bonnet of the internet
Fake News #2 – Best diets for 2018 awards (24/Feb/18) - The recent Best Diet Awards from the U.S. News & World Report, placed low carb diets bottom, claiming they had "No evidence" to support them... Oh really?
How vegetarians bad-mouth themselves! (16/Feb/18) - A study into the prevalence of oral species of Candida yeasts discovered that vegetarian diets encourage the growth of some pretty ugly critters with health consequences far beyond thrush.
Jordan Peterson on Diet and Health 2 (13/Feb/18) - Peterson goes into more detail about the low carb paleo diet that has helped him and his daughter get on top of their autoimmune diseases.
NHS Care Report 2015/16 infographic (12/Feb/18) - This infographic shows just how 'wonderful' our NHS is. Not.
Crippling negligence claims show NHS not ‘the envy of the world’ (12/Feb/18) - With spiralling negligence costs threatening to bankrupt the NHS, isn't it time we started challenging the very basis of the NHS? We include a thoughtful essay by blogger Jack Tagholm-Child.
Should folic acid be added to UK flour? The arguments for and against (10/Feb/18) - Recent media stories call for fortification of UK flour with folic acid to prevent birth defects, but is mandated mass medication of the whole population a price worth paying?
Fake News #1 – Low carb diets linked to risk of birth defects (5/Feb/18) - We take the papers to task for this highly misleading story which does not even apply to women in the UK.
January 2018 News Round-Up (3/Feb/18) - Paleo for weight loss, eggs for mums to be. Breakthrough research seems to show the heart loves vitamin D. Broccoli-yogurt for cancer, it really is a thing. Sardine-bread sounds tasty but I can't make the last line rhyme. :(
Dietary guidelines are a disaster: here’s ten principles to fix them (20/Jan/18) - Nutritional research is increasingly challenging Government Guidelines on what constitutes a healthy diet. We present 10 important evidence based principles that get to the heart of the problem.
Health Hack #7: Maximise your phytonutrients (10/Jan/18) - This class of phytonutrients may be responsible for most of the health benefits observed among the Mediterranean, Okinawan, Paleo and Hunter Gatherer diets. Here's a quick guide to help maximise your intake.
Opal apples (review) – a GMO beating UK grown variety ★★★★★ (2/Jan/18) - A mini review of a fascinating UK grown winter apple variety which is delicious, versatile and naturally resistant to browning - with an interesting back story too!
December 2017 News Round-Up (30/Dec/17) - Here are 10 New Year's Resolutions to help keep your diet on track in 2018. Plus a month of interesting articles from the mainstream and alternative media...
Gluten-free Yorkshire puddings (21/Dec/17) - Can you believe your eyes? Gorgeous golden Yorkies without a grain in sight! These little babies were made with eggs and arrowroot. Here's how...
Mulled wine – packing a healthy punch (19/Dec/17) - This traditional winter warmer contains many polyphenol-rich ingredients with health promoting credentials. We look into the research around this festive herbal brew.
Health Hack #6: Paleo Christmas Hacks (9/Dec/17) - Don't let Christmas compromise your dietary standards (too much) with these paleo tips for traditional festive fare.
Brussels sprouts – Not just for Christmas (9/Dec/17) - This lowly seasonal vegetable punches well above its weight nutritionally. Everything you ever wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask...
Fasano – short video on Zonulin, gut permeability and chronic disease (9/Dec/17) - A brief video from the world expert on gut barrier function is totally relevant to the way I work with my patients, across a wide range of chronic diseases.
An insider’s view of naff NHS treatment. (5/Dec/17) - A nurse's letter in the BMJ reveals the incompetence of our 'wonderful' NHS as they fail to address her own health issues again... and again.
November 2017 News Round-Up (2/Dec/17) - Juicy Diet News (Garlic, Mushrooms, Cheese, Broccoli, Oily fish...) & Chewy Medical News (Aluminium and autism, Screen-time and mental health, Baldness and heart disease, Big Sugar cancer cover up...)
Armistice Day lectures WSHOMS Nov 2017 (26/Nov/17) - I was unable to attend the first two events in this the 2017 season of West Sussex History of Medicine Society, so forgive me for
Carbohydrates, not animal fats, linked to heart disease across 42 European countries (19/Nov/17) - A study of 42 European countries found lower cardiovascular disease and mortality among countries that consumed more fats and animal protein. Higher cardiovascular mortality was
Leg o’ lamb with home grown veg (12/Nov/17) - I just brought in some lovely fresh veg from our garden this afternoon – the broccoli and celeriac were really top notch! Plus we have
“Always get a copy of your blood test results” (11/Nov/17) - Even if they tell you "everything was normal" insist on having a copy. Here's why your health may depend on it...
Health Hack #5: Kicking the potato habit (8/Nov/17) - Trying to cut down your carbs, but can't live without chips and mash? Here are three hacks that make life after potatoes worth living again.
October 2017 News Round-Up (1/Nov/17) - With the clocks going back the media focused on the health effects of disrupted sleep. Plus the month's best nutrition news: bone broth; low carb; vegan; gluten-free; vitamin; organic...
Cholesterol and CVD – How reliable are the risk calculators? (22/Oct/17) - The SCORE (Systematic COronary Risk Evaluation) model for predicting CVD deaths can over-estimate risk by 500%.
Cholesterol and CVD – putting the risks into perspective (14/Oct/17) - “Heart disease risk”, “raised cholesterol”, “Statins” – these six words are guaranteed to strike fear into almost anyone who has been unfortunate enough to be
Health Hack #4: Seafood and eat it (11/Oct/17) - Many people neglect seafood, yet research shows health benefits from eating it at least twice per week. Here are some facts to help you choose wisely.
My obituary for a saint (9/Oct/17) - Obituary for an extraordinary colleague and friend: Priscilla Noble Mathews
Depressed Vegetarians for Corbyn is a thing? (2/Oct/17) - “Vegetarian diets make you depressed” the article said. Tell me about it! Just being around vegetarians makes me depressed, I thought. The article in question was
September 2017 News Round-Up (30/Sep/17) - A neat balancing act of wit and wisdom from this month's news outlets: alcohol and diet; good fats bad fats; low carb and zero carb; and Mayo Clinic scientists can't see what's in front of their face (s).
Where to buy pasture fed Beef and Lamb in the UK (28/Sep/17) - A quick link to useful map of grass-fed meat suppliers in the UK.
Pasture for Life Farmer explains why he does not feed his cows grains (16/Sep/17) - Here is an excerpt from a BBC World Service programme The Food Chain, in which farmer Tom Morrison explains his approach to grass fed beef production.
Health Hack #3: Muesli that’s worth eating (13/Sep/17) - When it comes to giving up grains or going low-carb some habits die hard. Here's how you can have your muesli and eat it.
A critique/rant of Elsie Widdowson on Radio 4 ‘Great Lives’ (7/Sep/17) - I rarely listen to the BBC any more, as they have revealed such poor judgement, bias and willingness to engage in indoctrination, mostly by sleight of hand, that I want nothing to do with them. However...
Goat’s cream is back! (2/Sep/17) - Goat's cream is back in the supermarkets. If you can't eat cows products, this is a great product.
August 2017 News Round-Up (2/Sep/17) - Low fat diet 'could kill you'; NHS no longer uses post-it notes to arrange life-saving heart transplants - Yes, it's silly season, but we find some gems among the dross.
Thinking of going vegan or avoiding red meat? Read this first… (19/Aug/17) - Influential celebrity promotion is fuelling a rise in vegan diets, but can this ideologically driven movement really be healthy? Above: Keeping up with the Kardashians
Health Hack #2: Starters to improve digestion (9/Aug/17) - Starting a meal with bitter and sour foods will stimulate digestive juices, improve appetite and reduce over-eating. Here are some delicious ideas to try.
Home-grown ratatouille (5/Aug/17) - Whether you grow your own ingredients or not (we did), this is a must-try summer dish: a vibrant, garlicky stew of mediterranean vegetables dripping with extra virgin olive oil.
JULY 2017 MEGA News Round-Up (1/Aug/17) - Let food be thy medicine; Grow your own microbiome; Cod: back on the menu, then off again; Bog butter - it's a thing; Bring back the bear, wolf and lynx. or not; Plus a bit o' bitter news.
How can bitter foods be good for us when they taste so bad? – Resolving the paradox (28/Jul/17) - Keir Watson presents his carefully argued hypothesis based on evolutionary considerations of hunter-gatherer feast-famine cycles, that explains why bitter foods stimulate cellular functions essential for health.
The bitter truth is sweeter than we thought (23/Jul/17) - Cocktail bitters started out as Victorian patent medicines, yet their health credentials are being confirmed as researchers discover that bitter taste receptors affect cells throughout the body.
Health Hack #1: An alternative to fizzy drinks (19/Jul/17) - Love a social drink but want to avoid soft drinks and alcohol? Here's a tip for a fantastic drink you can order in most pubs, mix at home or take to a BBQ. Brilliant for kids too.
June 2017 News Round-Up (2/Jul/17) - Mistrust of medical research; Diet and Bowel cancer; Infant growth; Sleep health; Sunscreen problems; Coffee and the liver; Fungi in the home
Even in the land of barbies and beer vegetarians DON’T live longer (25/Jun/17) - A second big study finds no all-cause mortality benefit of vegetarian diets, among the general population.
Gary Taubes on American Heart Association confirmation bias (21/Jun/17) - Gary Taubs provides some insight into the apparent intransigence of public health authorities when it comes to diet and heart disease.
Giant Puff Ball with Garlic and Rosemary (21/Jun/17) - Giant Puff Balls have been spotted in the wild. We caught one and cooked it in true hunter gatherer style. Here's how...
Low fat (but not full fat) dairy associated with increased risk of Parkinson’s disease (10/Jun/17) - A new study gets me considering the role of diet and uric acid in Parkinson's disease. Yet again full fat dairy comes out on top.
May News Round-Up (1/Jun/17) - Cancer & sugar; Bone broth for skin; Tree nuts, not peanuts; Cinnamon for fat reduction; Pasta sales down; Cheese is good; More protein for elderly; Cauliflower recipes
Amazing results challenge guidelines in new study (22/May/17) - American Heart Association: "Replace saturated fat with PUFA and MUFA"; Recent study: "No. This advice needs revising"
Know your fats (infographic) (20/May/17) - A helpful little graphic reference for the different fatty acid groups: MUFAs, PUFAs and Sat Fats.
Gluten-free diet MAY be unhealthy and MAY increase risk of heart attack (or not) (12/May/17) - Fake news; alternative facts; plus a dose of healthy skepticism. We take a look behind the recent gluten headlines.
Paleo veggies (video and infographic) (7/May/17) - Spoiler Alert! The Paleo diet included veggies. Recent evidence confirms the obvious: our hunter gatherer ancestors both hunted AND gathered.
What a shop! (3/May/17) - This lovingly restored victorian shop located in Hasting Old Town surprised and delighted us. Come poke around inside with us...
Vaxxed – the film, coming to a venue near me! (1/May/17) - Last year a film was made about some of the troublesome issues around vaccination that most people are not aware of, and the film is
April News Round-up (1/May/17) - Great British Beef Week; Ketogenic diet in diabetes; Low fat foods cause weight gain; Sat fat spat; The perfect cuppa; Health benefits of cheese
Gluten Update April 2017 (28/Apr/17) - Gluten disrupts microbiome; Relatives of coeliacs often gluten sensitive; NCGS persists after 8 years on gluten-free diet + more
Oxtail Caserole, country style (25/Apr/17) - A simple but classic dish making use of some of those 'odd bits' that make nose to tail eating so easy.
Neanderthal Herbal Medicine (10/Apr/17) - Recent evidence has uncovered the use of herbal medicines amongst our closest evolutionary cousin. We look at the therepeutic properties of these herbs.
Jordan Peterson on Diet and Health (8/Apr/17) - NEW: Part 2 now available » Jordan Peterson (born 1962) is a Canadian clinical psychologist and tenured professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. His
March News Round-Up (1/Apr/17) - Happy Easter! Ten reasons chocolate is good for you. Getting your 10-a-day. Fish oils and vitamin D for kid's brain health.
Salt and cardio-vascular disease: Policy and Science clash (19/Mar/17) - Salt recommendations - way out of step with the science
Aloe vera plants – why every home should have one (14/Mar/17) - Aloe vera is the number one treatment for first and second degree burns. Easy to grow - a must have plant for every home.
Salt vs sodium measurements (12/Mar/17) - Confusing sodium and salt measurements - it happens to the best of us.
Cardiologist attacks diet dogma at 2017 Symposium (3/Mar/17) - MUST WATCH - Cardiologist Dr Salim Yusuf presents findings from the PURE study which challenge fat, carb, meat, salt and 5-a-day dogma
February News Round-Up (1/Mar/17) - Arsenic, asthma, bison, sleep, coeliac, mercury, chocolate, PPIs, BPA, mammoths - We join the dots - PLUS: Mummy Mouse and Baby Mouse special
Kids eat sugar. But no one knows how much. Apparently. (28/Feb/17) - A lack of standardisation in the units of measurement of sugar are putting our kids' health at risk. Or is it just me?
Whole grains? Not a health food say these researchers (19/Feb/17) - In the conclusion to their study examining the links between cardiovascular disease (CVD) and food consumption across 42 European countries, Pavel Grasgruber et al. make this bang-on-the-money statement about the propaganda surrounding so-called
Fish n Chips a l’Afifah (16/Feb/17) - It’s Friday tomorrow. Are you thinking fish and chips? This is my version. None of those reheated, oxidised seed oils and wheat batter here! Wild Alaskan Sockeye
Why aren’t hospitals doing their detective work? (13/Feb/17) - I was talking to a doctor today about a seriously ill patient who I am keeping close tabs on, but whose medical condition is still
Acrylamide – is it really a risk? (11/Feb/17) - Acrylamide is a potentially cancer causing compound produced when starches are browned during cooking. As reported in our Jan 2017 News Round Up concern about dietary acrylamide
The idea behind our short posts (10/Feb/17) - When I started this blog a few year’s back I had intended to write fairly informally about my clinical experience and share interesting medical and
Gluten – what we learned in 2016 (part 2) – the Great Imitator (7/Feb/17) - In part 2 of our gluten update we look at 20+ conditions that were linked to gluten in 2016. Essential reading for understanding this multifaceted toxin.
2017 January News Round-Up (4/Feb/17) - Had enough of experts? Judge their latest pontifications for yourself: chopping boards, statins, roast potatoes, high fat diets and metabolic syndrome, eggs and brain health.
Gluten – what we learned in 2016 (part 1) (22/Jan/17) - A summary of key developments in our understanding of grain related disorders.
December News Round-Up (1/Jan/17) - HAPPY NEW YEAR! This month's nutrition news is shoe-horned into a Christmas theme, and it's just about bursting at the seams with festive good news!
My Grain-Free Christmas Dinner (27/Dec/16) - Our traditional Christmas dinner worked exceptionally well this year, and included roast turkey with all the trimmings.
Grain-Free Christmas Pudding (18/Dec/16) - It's the traditional pud gone paleo. Soaked fruit, almonds and honey make this rich Christmas bomb go with a bang.
The three wise herbalists brought… Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (13/Dec/16) - Let's take a look at three herbs brought from the East, valued for their broad therapeutic use.