Brussels sprouts – Not just for Christmas

Who doesn’t look forward to Christmas dinner ‘with all the trimmings’? Many people though have an ambivalent relationship when it comes to sprouts. Perhaps more than any other vegetable sprouts deserve the title of marmite of the vegetable world. Love ’em or hate ’em  (and here at Rosemary Cottage we love them) you have to admire them for their nutritional punch. Continue reading

An insider’s view of naff NHS treatment.

In a recent post I had a bit of a rant about making sure you get hold of your blood tests, and not to settle for being told “everything is fine” when you know it is not. I gave an example of how results can be within lab ranges, hence ‘normal’, hence ‘not worth worrying about’, when actually they may contain vital information that will help address or resolve your health problem. Continue reading

November 2017 News Round-Up


1. Paleo and Mediterranean Diet News
2. Sleep Hygiene and Body Clock News
3. Medical Fails, Bales and Controversies


If a picture paints a thousand words, then the photo above, (Science Blog), could have been at the top of any one of the following news articles this month… Continue reading

Armistice Day lectures WSHOMS Nov 2017

I was unable to attend the first two events in this the 2017 season of West Sussex History of Medicine Society, so forgive me for the absence of write ups. However, I am pleased to say that I made it to the Remembrance Day event, and was very impressed with the lectures. Impressive too was the very full house who came out on a rainy Saturday morning on this the 99th anniversary of Armistice Day. Before I give my précis I would like to say how moved I was to join my personal silent Remembrance heart with everyone else’s, especially as so many army men were there, who must feel the sadness of so much loss far more deeply than I. Continue reading

Carbohydrates, not animal fats, linked to heart disease across 42 European countries

A study of 42 European countries found lower cardiovascular disease and mortality among countries that consumed more fats and animal protein. Higher cardiovascular mortality was linked to carbohydrate consumption. Another nail in the coffin for the diet-heart hypothesis?

Continue reading

Leg o’ lamb with home grown veg

I just brought in some lovely fresh veg from our garden this afternoon – the broccoli and celeriac were really top notch! Plus we have enough carrots to see us through to April. 

It might be late in the year, but I try to have something to eat from the garden all year round. We have Brussels sprouts, red cabbage, sprouting broccoli and winter onions to come, with cauliflowers in the new year.

Sunday Roast

Afifah made a fab roast dinner using the garden veg: Goodwood leg of lamb, rubbed with homegrown garlic and rosemary, served with mashed celeriac, broccoli and roast carrots. A perfect and nutritious Sunday dinner :)

Here’s a little slideshow of the meal: Traditional English fare at it’s best.

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