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sperm-fish Male fertility ~ a fishy business (14/Sep/16) - The 20th century saw a huge decline in male fertility, and a huge increase in omega 6 oil consumption. Are the two connected? We fish out the latest research on seafood for semen. Continue reading
Red Light Pt2 Muscle-Eyes-Hair Featured Red light phototherapy (2/3): Brain, Muscles and Eyes (10/Sep/16) - Red light stimulates mitochondrial function. We look at the accumulating evidence that phototherapy can improve brain function in Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and Parkinson's. Plus red light enhances muscle endurance and a has major role in eye health. Continue reading
In_the_News_Aug August News Round-Up (2/Sep/16) - We serve up a plate of top nutrition news, and finish with a knickerbocker-glory of articles from our guest publication: New Scientist magazine. Continue reading
Red light phototherapy (1/3): The Skin - Research is uncovering a huge range of beneficial effects of red light. In part 1 I look at the remarkable protective effects of red light on the skin. Continue reading
July News Round-Up - Sleep and health: inflammation and ‘intestinal jet-lag’ The Mail (6th July) explains why ‘Too little and too much sleep is as damaging to your health’. Dr Irwin concluded: ‘Together with diet and physical activity, sleep health represents a third component … Continue reading
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sperm-fish Male fertility ~ a fishy business - The 20th century saw a huge decline in male fertility, and a huge increase in omega 6 oil consumption. Are the two connected? We fish out the latest research on seafood for semen. Continue reading
Food-Prog-Microbiome-Featured The Microbiome on BBC Radio 4 - Listen again to these two excellent radio broadcasts from BBC Food Programme on the micobiome. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Continue reading
high-omega-6-oils-FEATURED Vegetable oils losing their halo - Just published: A US research group has recovered raw data from a large scale study from the 1970's and finds no evidence for benefits from switching butter for vegetable oils. Continue reading
TheSugarConspiracy “The sugar conspiracy” – recommended read - A rollicking read about how for decades nutritional science ignored the dangers of sugar whilst needlessly demonising saturated fat. Continue reading
busted Behind a healthy eating quiz – Australia’s nutritional mafia - Why was a healthy lifestyle quiz in the Independent quietly linked to an Australian government funded researcher? We dig into the murky world of nutrition politics. Continue reading
Obesity-Linked-to-Emulsifiers3 Processed food, obesity and flagella - Food additives and obesity, flagellated bacteria and TLR5... Where will the amazing human microbiome take us next? Continue reading
UK_Vegetarians_featured UK vegetarians DON’T live longer than meat eaters study finds - The Oxford EPIC study finds that vegans and meat eaters have similar all cause mortality. No evidence that red meat causes bowel cancer. Continue reading
Coffee Coffee – its light and dark side - How much coffee is good for you? Regular coffee consumption is associated with a longer, healthier life, but there are a couple of important caveats. Continue reading
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Miki_Ben_Dor GUEST POST from Miki Ben-Dor: “Big brains needed carbs” (???) - Miki Ben-Dor from Tel Aviv University brings his expertise of paleo-anthropology to bear on the question of whether cooked starches drove human evolution. Continue reading
Featured_Root_Veg Did cooked tubers drive human evolution? - Recent claims that starchy tubers drove human brain evolution are put under the microscope. Studies of the Hadza suggest otherwise. Continue reading
featured_seafood_videos Seafood, Sex and Evolution (3 videos) - Watch our recent public talk on the role of seafood in brain health, evolution and female sexiness. (Three videos) Continue reading
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dairy-ows-featured Study: dairy, not plant based diets is the best way to feed the planet - New Zealand farm analysis finds that mixed dairy/cropping systems feed the greatest number of people. Protein considerations prove pivotal. Continue reading
featured_garden_veg Why home-grown food is up to ten times better than arable crops - Study shows that UK allotments and gardens are more productive and fertile than farmland. Continue reading
featured_Knepp_safari Safari in deepest Sussex – now you can experience the Knepp re-wilding project for yourself! - From glamping in a sepherd's hut to night safaris led by bat experts - Knepp estate now offers many ways to experience the UK's top re-wilding success story. Continue reading
Featured videos: the environmental argument for pasture raised meat
Clinic_featured A quick tour of my clinic - I have just finished giving my consulting room a make-over. May I show you around?. Continue reading
featured_mistletoe_cancer Mistletoe in Cancer - This legendary herb of the druids has been shown to have anti-cancer properties in multiple studies. Continue reading
Nut-selection Spiced-up nuts, four ways to make your own super-snacks - Four ideas to jazz up your nuts: Cashews with lemon and black pepper, Tamari 5-spiced mixed nuts, Curried macadamias & Balsamic pecans Continue reading
Crispy-kale Curly kale crisps - Kale. Yes. I know. It's got a little halo, but it's... well, dull. DON'T DESPAIR! This recipe actually makes it worth eating. Continue reading
Lamb-shanks-4 Lamb shanks with celeriac mash - One of the best cuts of lamb. A dramatic, succulent centrepiece for an English roast dinner. Continue reading
macaroon1 Cinnamon coconut macaroons - These little tea-time cakes have a lovely crumbly texture. Grain-free and low in carbs. Who wouldn't like them? Continue reading
Mince Pies 1 Real mince meat pies - The real deal. An update on the traditional 17th century minced pie, with real minced beef (!) in a chestnut and almond shortbread case. Continue reading
Best_Bacon_Panchetta Right Royal Rashers – we rate the best bacon buys ★★★★★ - We review and compare three of the best supermarket bacon buys: Pancetta, Air dried or Organic. Which will get five stars? Continue reading
Knepp_Bavette_Steak_featured Rewilded Knepp bavette steak with leak, onion and fries - Not just any old bavette steak, but Knepp's finest free-living rewilded pasture-fed longhorn steaks. PLUS video of the Knepp cattle. Continue reading
Cod_thumbnail Grain-free ‘breaded’ cod with parsley sauce - A quick, easy & presentable recipe. A good alternative to battered or breaded fish. Continue reading
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Afifah Is the official blogger for WSHoMSoc which meets in the Autumn at St Richard’s Hospital Chichester
WSHOMS_Wellcome WSHoMSoc 2015 lecture Nov 21st - (1) Dr Albert Carpenter: public health measures in the 19th century (2) The life of Sir Henry Wellcome Continue reading
WSHOMS_WW1 WSHoMSoc 2015 lecture Nov 7th - Unsung heroes of the First World War: Nurses and Stretcher Bearers Continue reading
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featured_vitamin_A_from_animal_sources Vitamin A from animal sources – more good news - Studies show vitamin A may prevent obesity, diabetes, and protect the heart - but Beta-carotene may counteract vitamin A health benefits. Continue reading
featured_low_carb_normal Is Low-Carb really Normo-Carb? - Looking at the effects of high and low-carb diets on glucose, insulin and free fatty acids suggests low carb diets are normal. Continue reading
featured_Weston_A_Price_vindicated New study vindicates Weston A Price - Scientists identify Price's 'Displacing Foods of Commerce' as ideal for inducing full-blown metabolic syndrome in rats. Continue reading
featured_calorie_counting_v_meal_timing Calorie Counting vs Meal Timing - Why a high protein breakfast might work better than calorie counting. Continue reading
featured_keto_pancakes Keto Pancakes - One of our most popular recipes. Makes low-carb breakfasts a doddle. Continue reading